Danny and Kellie

Two Beautiful Souls Become One…

The Grove | Irvine CA



Super Sneak Peek of the CRAZY EMOTIONAL wedding of my amazing couple… Danny and Kellie!! SO let me start by saying this entire day was filled with the most beautiful tears ever!! And LOTS of them… I literally had to look away at the ceremony to stop from completely balling! Just imagine trying to shoot Danny watching his gorgeous bride come down the aisle, only to see him AND his best friend Ryan who officiated the wedding completely filled with streaming tears!!

SO I look away to the parents and they are crying! SO I look over at my FAB assistant Samantha and SHE is crying! OMG… I was doomed and the tears started coming! Watching these two all day truly filled my heart!! They are freaking adorable and SOO in love and I cannot tell you how honored I am that I was there to catch every tear, every HUGE smile, and every RAD dance move!!

AND…. Can we talk about this FIRST LOOK?!?! OMG… it was theeeeeee BEST!! I was dying!! Ryan NAILED it… My girl Kellie planned this little surprise for Danny and I could NOT WAIT to see his face! It was priceless!! You guys are perfect for each other and I cannot wait to see how your new journey TOGETHER unfolds! I am certain it will be a LONG, BEAUTIFUL life together!

Love you both xoxo


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