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I’m a South Orange County girl, through and through… Living the dream in my quiet little beach town of San Clemente CA! Most days I am playing the CRAZY Busy Mama role to my amazing boys, but when I am not pulling my hair out from hearing “Mama” about five million times, you may just find me running the beach trail sipping on a little red bull…

I adore tattoos and would have to say that my all-time favorite piece so far would be the gorgeous portrait of my glamorous “Pin Up” grandmother… She was quite the “hottie” in her day and I loved her more than words can express.

I am infatuated with traveling, and Southern Italia happens to be my “Happy Place”… There is nothing more magical  – the people, the food, the culture, the feeling you get from just walking the streets … It’s indescribable!

And last but not least, I have a CRAZY obsession with people in love and photos, and I want YOU to be obsessed with every last image of your “Happily Ever After”…!  

I'm Chrissy


A Southern California & Italian Destination Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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"Chrissy is your ride or die photographer, and truly knows how to take care of her bride & groom (and everyone else in between)! She is the most ultimate hype-woman who will jump and scream to get those real legit smiles & giggles, and she absolutely sets the bar for what you should expect from your wedding photographer on your big day (and even on the days & months leading up to it)! My husband and I booked Chrissy before even talking or meeting with her, because we just felt her genuine personality from her photos and website."

- Nick and Stephanie

Things that fill my love tank

Let's Be


If I had to pick one store or brand in the entire world that I love more than anything it would most DEF be this one! Anthro is LIFE my friends... the colors, the vibe, the culture... pretty much everything! From the moment I stepped through their doors so long ago, I was hooked! And if I ever win it BIG,  you can bet I will be furnishing my house with every last piece of clothing and furniture they sell... FOR REAL!! 

My Obsession with anthropologie

One of the most important things to me in life is most definitely my family!  I am crazy blessed to be a Mama to three amazing and completely unique boys, a "Bonus Mama" to the most beautiful, sweet young woman, and a daughter to three of the most amazing humans a girl could ask for! They have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and I love them to the moon and back!

My Fab Family

There is just something about this gorgeous country and its beautiful people that captured my heart from the very first time I laid my eyes upon it! I can't quite put into words... but it's almost as if I felt like I was HOME from the moment I arrived... So now, I travel there multiple times throughout the year capturing amazing weddings and spending time with fabulous friends I've made... One day it WILL be my home!

Italia | My Home AwAY FROM HOME

What do I lay up at night dreaming about... ? This pretty girl right here my friends!! A fully restored PLUSH 1957 Turquoise Chevy Bel Air!  I LOVE this car... in fact I love her so much I even have a fabulous tattoo of her on my left arm, right underneath the piece I had done of my gorgeous pin up grandmother!! Let's just say the day I own this hottie is the day all of my dreams come true!

A Girl can dream

I was introduced to the FAB Ray about 10 years ago, and from the moment I heard "Hold You In My Arms" - I was OBSESSED!! A few years back I was lucky enough to see him live at The Greek in L.A. - FRONT ROW BABY - and let me just tell you, there is nothing quite like seeing "the man" right in front of your eyes...

what i'm listening to..

Two of my all time FAV beverages of choice? Why the Italian Aperol Spritz and the TASTY Cafe Macchiato of course!! I don't know what kind of magic the Italians infuse into these tasty little cocktails from heaven, but whatever it is, it's all good with me! There is nothing quite like waking up to the aroma of a double macchiato calling your name, and ending the evening with a refreshing spritz!

give me a spritz!


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