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Commonly Asked


1. How many weddings do you shoot per day?

I know I said I’m slightly obsessed with caffeine, BUT… I'm  no Wonder Woman, so you can rest assure that I am ALL YOURS on your killer day! One per day for this girl!

2. What happens if you miraculously get struck by lightning the night before our wedding and you just can’t drag yourself out of the hospital bed to make it to our shin dig?

While this has NEVER happened, knock on wood, and it would seriously take a case of the West Nile Flu to keep me away from Y’all… If I was unable to shoot your wedding I would provide you with an extremely competent and fabulously talented photographer who shares my same shooting style AND aesthetic, and I would have them photograph your wedding and then hand over those bad boy images to me so that I can edit them in my signature style! The great thing about photographers is that we LOVE other photographers and are a pretty tight knit crew… So we ALWAYS have someone amazing waiting in the wings.

3. Who will you use for a 2nd shooter?

I typically shoot with 3 different girls, and who I use will greatly depend on their own wedding photography schedule! Every 2nd shooter is highly experienced, super friendly, and most importantly – super talented! They are all main shooters of weddings themselves and run successful businesses on their own independently, so you can feel great knowing they know their craft and are ready to kill it for you!

4. Why do I need a 2nd shooter…?

This one is EASY… You need a 2nd shooter because although I am all about running my toosh off throughout your day to make sure I get every single funny, romantic, teary eyed shot – the reality is that I just cannot be in every place at every time, and I am one of those girls that does NOT want to miss a shot. So having a 2nd shooter insures that we WILL get every crazy amazing image of your once in a lifetime day! And… to be honest, there is just so much less stress on everyone when you have TWO crazy humans helping to catch all of those bad dance moves out on the floor (lol)

5. Do you have back up equipment that you bring to our wedding, should the universe conspire against you and cause you to have a mental breakdown while shooting our day because the freaking error message won’t go away?

YES | YES | and HELL YES! Once again, this has never happened, “banging down on my very large wooden coffee table as I type this”, however if it did – you can feel super safe in knowing that myself AND my second shooter will both have 2 camera bodies, multiple lenses, and enough batteries and memory cards to feed a small village for a month! We GOT YOU!

6. What happens if our wedding runs over and we want you to stay longer?

Hmmm… Pull me to the side, hand me a shot of limoncello, and tell me you love me! That’s really all it takes (lol) But seriously – as I mentioned, you and you alone are my only priority that day, so if you want me to stay longer I am completely down for it! Additional hours will be billed after the wedding at a bundled rate of $400 for both myself and the 2nd shooter – we are a package deal on this one!

7. How do you handle indoor, evening, and less than “ideal” lighting conditions?

It’s all about the FLASH baby! Don’t get me wrong… natural light is always going to be the best, however flash can and will be used during any evening and/or indoor reception or ceremony where the light needs a little “pick me up”!

8. How many images will I receive?

I like to tell you about 600-800 Fully EDITED High Resolution Images, however the reality is that it will most likely be more… I am kind of obsessed with every facial expression possible, so sometimes I get a lil out of control with my trigger finger 🙂 Bad for me… GREAT for you!

9. How will I receive my final gallery of images?

You will receive an email when they are ready that will include a link to your personal, password protected, online gallery – where you can download single images one at a time, or the entire gallery to your laptop/desktop.

10.When will I receive my final image gallery?

My contract states UP TO 70 days from the day of your event for weddings – and up to 21 days from the day of your engagement session, however, depending on the season we are in, it is always my goal to get them over to you sooner!

11. Do I have to purchase prints and/or products through YOU? no.. – You will have a Full Print Release that allows you to print all of your images wherever you choose! Now… I will ask you to PLEASE not print your huge megabyte, high resolution images at a low grade lab, such as CVS, Target, etc… You paid good money to capture these images and the worst thing you can do is to have them printed at a lab that does not utilize the newest and greatest technology available! A professional lab should always be your first choice for printing wedding images. Now because I want to make sure my lovely work of you looks its very best when you print it, I have given you access to my own profession lab – White House Custom Color (WHCC), through the online gallery of images that is emailed out to you. But the best part is that I do NOT tack on any fees, or increase the prices to you – so should you choose to order through WHCC, you will pay exactly the same price to them that I pay as a professional photographer!

12. Albums – How do these work?

After you receive your final gallery I will ask you to create a favorites list of your all time FAV 50-100 shots (depending on how many pages are in your album). Then I will take these images and create your Album Outline and send you a draft to approve. Once approved, the album will be ordered and shipped out to you in about 3-4 weeks of the day the order is placed! You will also get to choose from plenty of different color and material options, such as leather, linen, glass, etc…

13.  If we have a videographer, how do you work with them throughout the day?

Great question!! I am a firm believer in EVERYONE working together as a team to make sure that all of the vendors are able to provide the absolutely best product to you, the couple… To insure this happens, I reach out to all of your vendors a few weeks before your event and introduce myself and get all last minute details from them, so that we can make sure that we coordinate and are all on the same page! It is my goal for you to feel like you have a team of “friends” working together to make sure your day ROCKS, rather than a team of “vendors”…

14. Do you need a “Shot List’ from us?

Absolutely NOT! Now, I will send you several emails several months before the wedding that you will complete online, where you are be able to let me know some of the “Must Have Family Shots”, and also where you can tell me if there are any blended family or sensitive “divorce” situations I should be aware of, so that I can navigate that appropriately. However, other than that I want to capture the EMOTION of the day, rather than a bunch of “posy” “stiff” shots, and this will happen naturally as the day unfolds.

15. Can I share my photos online through Facebook and Instagram?

ABSO FREAKING LUTELY! Now… I do ask, pretty please with a cherry on top, that when you DO share your photos online with family and friends, that you PLEASE REFRAIN from adding on any filters to the images! You are hiring me because you love the “look” of my images, so it would be SO super sad if you threw some crazy filter on there to completely change the look of my work. JUST SAY NO TO FILTERS (lol) – Grazie Mille!

16. Do you provide a Sneak Peek of our images? And if so, when?

HECK YES! For weddings, the very next day after your event I will post a sneak peek of roughly 5-10 Edited Images to both Facebook and Instagram, and I will tag both you and your partner, as well as any of the wedding party that I may be friends with online. For engagement sessions, this sneak peek will have about 2-3 images and will be posted within 3-5 days of your session, depending on the season!

17. What about engagement sessions… Why do you include them in EVERY package?

Ok, so here is why… Your day is all about you and your partner having FUN and celebrating your love! This can only happen if you guys are super comfortable and super confident while I am capturing pics throughout your day! While I am POSITIVE, that you guys are super cool, and super chill, without a doubt – the reality is that most couples have NO idea what to “do” when having their pics taken… and Y’all need some direction. This is why the engagement session is UBER important. This is a time for you and I to get to know each other better, get nice and comfy with a few key poses, and just freaking have FUN! I promise you… this session will completely transform you into a killer image capturing KING and QUEEN!

18. Where will we take our Engagement Photos?

This my friends is completely up to YOU! I can definitely provide some ideas of locations and even help with wardrobe decisions… Out shopping and need a 2nd opinion? Text me a screenshot and I’ll give you my raw and un-edited opinion (lol)… But, the goal of your session is to catch you and your honey in the most REAL way possible… If you are not “beach” people, than why shoot at the beach? I want to get to know you, hear your story, and then come up with a location and vibe that completely shows who you are as a couple!! And… I am pretty much up for anywhere- within reason… So whether we are carpooling up to the dreamy desert in Joshua Tree, or heading down south to sunny San Diego to shoot at the stunning Balboa Park – this girl is ready to go and can’t wait to hang with Y’all!

19. When should we take the Engagement photos?

Once again, totally up to you! If you are looking to grab a few images to use for your SAVE THE DATES, then we may want to schedule the session right away – But, if you aren’t worried about that, then we can schedule the session all the way up to about two months before the wedding!

How do we SNAG YOU for our day?

My ALL TIME favorite question!! Now this is the EASY part! Shoot me a text, send me a DM, leave me a voicemail – your choice my friend! Just let me know that you are ALL IN, and make sure that I have you and your honey’s FULL NAMES, and let me know which package you would like to book, and then I will send you an online contract for you to both digitally sign. Once you sign the contract and pay the 25% retainer fee (The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your wedding day), you will be “Officially” on my schedule, and I will be ALL YOURS!

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