Bill and Meghan

Gorgeous Harbor View Wedding

Heritage Park | Dana Point CA




Check out the FABULOUS Bill and Meghan’s gorgeous wedding! Where to start… How about with the fact that I KNEW from my very first hour long conversation with Meghan, that these two and their amazing story was one that I wanted to be a part of!! Not only did we have friends in common.. fun friends lol – making me KNOW they were definitely my kind of peeps, but we also shared so much more in common… and when I heard Meghan tell me about her and Bill’s whirlwind romance, and about all of the obstacles they had not only overcome, but CONQUERED… I was so beyond honored that they chose me to be there on the most special day of their new lives together!

Meghan is just BEYOND… beyond gorgeous on the inside AND outside, beyond sweet, and beyond genuine!! AND, she is a cryer like ME – I love her!! And Bill… Bill is like a big old teddy bear that you just want to squeeze! When he hugs you, you feel safe… you feel loved… and you feel like you have a friend for life!! And y’all know how I feel about great huggers!! SO much can be said with just a little old hug!! They are so perfect together and you can just see it when they are together… two people who perfectly balance each other out, and compliment each other in every way! And seeing the insane love they have for each other, their beautiful baby girl Avery, and all of their tribe, just gives you the warm and fuzzies and makes you want to be a part of it… A part of them!

So… I am done gushing now… I Love you both to the moon and back and I am so excited to see where life takes you… BUT – can you stay in Cali – PULLLEASSE… xoxox


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