Tim and Lindsey

The Way He Looks at Her… I die

Ocean Institute | Dana Point CA



Cheers to this crazy amazing wedding of two people who I ADORE… Tim Amick and Lindsey Stover!! Honestly, there really aren’t enough words for me to describe just how much I love these two beautiful souls… They are everything… Fun, crazy, sweet, genuine, funny as hell, and some of the BEST humans I have EVER met… and apparently I am not the only one who thinks so, because after spending the day with their fabulous family and friends, and watching the way they are supported and loved by ALL… I soon realized that they ARE the goal my friends… It was like a LOVE FEST all day!

Let’s see, there was crying at the first look, crying ALL THROUGHOUT the ceremony… and then can we talk about the speeches?? Every where I looked, tears, tears, and more tears!! It was unreal… it was beautiful… and it was perfect. I could literally go on for days about them, their family and friends, and their killer day, but what I really want to say, and hope they know, is that I feel so BEYOND blessed that I met them, became friends with them, and was there on the first day of their new journey together!!

They really are the epitome of my “dream couple”… FUN | LAID BACK | REAL!! From tacos and margs on our “first date” – AKA our consultation… to tasty drinks and sand between our toes on our “second date” – AKA the engagement session… to the most beautiful day filled with WAY TOO MANY HAPPY TEARS – AKA their wedding day… I am just in awe of their love… they seriously complement each other like no other!! It’s as if they really are two parts of one soul… and the way Tim looks at her EVERY MOMENT – I die… really I die…! Like die, die, die ✨✨✨ I can literally feel the immense love this man has for his wife with just one look! ⠀

Anyhow… Tim and Lindzzzz – I freaking love you – end of story – and you’re basically stuck with me now – so I’m thinking taco Tuesday again soon…

Chrissy xoxo


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