Ryan and Sarah

Two Beautiful Souls become One …

Laguna Beach CA



Honestly… Every last detail of Ryan and Sarah’s wedding was simply PERFECT!! And not because of some insanely “elegant” details, or a designer dress.. Because of the HEART and SOUL put into their wedding…

These adorable love birds made it perfectly clear to me from the beginning that their wedding was NOT about putting on a big show for the world to see, but more about celebrating WHO THEY ARE AS A COUPLE, and celebrating that with who they love the most! And after arriving that morning, it became quite apparent exactly what that meant! So let’s talk details… Can you say RAD? Sarah chose to wear old skool black and white checkered vans under her big beautiful ball gown dress! Yep that’s right… Sarah wanted to be comfy and therefore she was not up for wearing heels, and when I saw that she chose these killer vans to match the shoes of her hubby to be, and his guys, I was in heaven!!

Fast forward to the first look…Sarah and Ryan have two adorable babies… No not human babies, but the most beautiful “fur babies” you can imagine! And yep, you guessed it, they were not about to let their special day go bye without having these gorgeous pups right by their side for their first look!

Now it’s time to head off to the reception… And as par for the course at this point, no traditional car will do… Sarah and her bridal party jump in the back of Ryan’s Uncle’s Vintage Chevy Truck.. and yes, you hear me right, these RAD humans did not ride up in style sitting in the front.. Nope! These rebels chose to have the entire wedding party arrive to the Laguna Beach Women’s Club ( their venue ) in style, arriving in the bed of the truck! Once the wedding party was dropped off, it was time to come back and deliver this bride in style, to marry the man of her dreams! And then why don’t we talk about the fact that the groom himself spent WEEKS hand creating the bar that would grace their beautiful reception!! My couple are BEER AFICIONADOS,  so Ryan the groom literally decided that HE would be the one to create a Beer lover’s DREAM, and started working on the AMAZING bar that would feature tons of tasty brews on tap!! It was gorgeous, and so perfectly reflected THEM! And then we have Sarah’s dad… Sarah was best friends with her dad, and came from a family of 5 girls… and sadly there was a tragedy where Sarah’s dad was taken about a year before the wedding. She wanted him to be there with her in some way, so we decided to wrap her Daddy’s ring around the bouquet, so that he could walk her down the aisle… I can’t lie… I got emotional as I helped her to make sure it was securely in place in the bouquet before she walked down the aisle to meet Ryan… I truly believe he was there with her beaming with that proud “dad” look on his face seeing his baby girl…

This wedding in every single way was such a celebration… A celebration of these two amazing souls and the love they have for each other.They love each other for everything.. good, bad, and in between, and their wedding was such an example of what weddings “should be” in my opinion… A reflection of who they are, and what that means… love!

I cannot tell you how much I loved you AND your tribe of family and friends, and how blessed I feel to have spent your special day with you!!

Chrissy xo





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