Jeff and Maria

Engagement Session

 Ace Hotel and Windmill Farms | Palm Springs CA

Say helloooo to Jeff and Maria my friends! These freaking amazing humans are getting married this December and if their engagement session is any indicator of how FUN their wedding day will be, then I am EXCITED and cannot wait!!

I met up with these silly kids about 6 months ago when Maria contacted me about their upcoming White House wedding, and wanted to meet up for coffee and chat about their big day! Let’s just say that it was “meant to be” lol… Poor Jeff was subject to listening to me and his gorgeous “wife to be” chat nonstop for close to 2 hours! I knew from that day that these two cuties were one of a kind, and we were in for TONS of fun, as we began planning their uber cool Palm Springs engagement session!

We decided to take advantage of our time together by taking the day off and heading out to fabulous Palm Springs CA! We met up at the crazy cool Ace hotel for our first stop, and let’s just say this place was BEYOND fabulous! It was like a photographer’s dream… From bright orange colored doors, to outrageous funky signs, to a dreamy desert vibe filled with   more cactus and succulents than a girl can dream of – this spot was ON POINT and we could not get enough! Dancing on tables, jumping on couches, you name it and we did it!

After completely exhausting ourselves at spot number one, it was time for a little wardrobe change and a change of scenery! While Jeff and Maria got dressed, I got ready for our next location… the Oh SO Windy.. Windmill Farms!  We hopped in the car and headed out. One of the fabulous parts of shooting out in the middle of no where is that you can literally do whatever you want! We trekked off onto a lonely dirt road and as we got close to the windmills found the perfect spot to get out and let the fun begin!

One of the MANY reasons I absolutely love Jeff and Maria is their sense of adventure! This girl had full hair and make up done, and was rocking a stunning pink sequin gown, and do you think she had ANY problem getting dirty and running around dirt roads filled with weeds and broken glass in 25 mile per hour winds?!? Hell No she didn’t! She embraced it like a champ! AND… let’s talk about Jeff for a moment… How freaking AMAZING is a man who will grab his girl – and piggy back her throughout the desert, just to make sure she is happy and I get THE shot! Poor Jeff was a freaking trooper and probably got more cardio in that day, then a full day at the gym! lol..

And that was it… It was a wrap! Or so I thought… just when I thought this fabulous day was done, Maria and Jeff let me know that they had made reservations for us at the absolutely YUMMY Trio Restaurant in downtown Palm Springs, and we were heading over to grab some dinner! HELL YES! I was one happy little photographer I tell you! And to top it off… we walk into this super fab eatery and the entire place is completely ORANGE – my fav color of all time! Yes… this session was definitely one for the books!

So… thank you Jeff and Maria – I can honestly say I had the most AMAZING day with you both… Your smiles, giggling, and straight up awesomeness was seriously infectious and I am so beyond excited for your wedding!

Love you Crazies xoxo

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