Ryan and Cambria

Engagement Session

Crystal Cove State Beach | Newport Beach CA



Meet two simply PERFECT humans.. Cambria and Ryan!! Ryan and Cam and I connected last year when they booked me for their December “mountain” wedding… and when they told me their ideas for what they envisioned their day to be… I was OBSESSED!! So much so that I literally starting “Pinterest’ing” ideas over to Cambria! And after a LONG video chat… I just knew they were my fav type of couple and I was excited to meet them at their engagement session!

Fast forward 6 months.. and here we are… at the stunning Crystal Cove ( my new home this last month lol ) and as you can see from these images – they are just as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside!! We had SOOO much fun… and let’s just say that I ADORED them!! We messed with people walking by who were commenting how cute they were… “Third time’s the charm lol”, I kind of told everyone this was their 3rd marriage… hehehe – and they totally played along! It was RAD… We got wet… we got sandy… and it was just FAB! And… they were soooo SWEET and brought me my absolute FAV – a HUGE bottle of Limoncello… and the sweetest card!!

This is what it’s all about for me… my couples are not just clients, or dollar signs…. they are friends! I want to KILL IT for them because I genuinely consider them to be a friend! And I wouldn’t have it any other way… SO thank you Ryan and Cambria Teter for being the simply AMAZING, beautiful souls that you are… We are going to have SOOO MUCH fun at your wedding y’all!!!

Chrissy xo


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