John and Judith

Engagement Session | La Jolla CA




Welcome to the off the charts CRAZY FUN engagement session with Judith and John!!! Ok you guys… This is a day I will NEVER ever forget lol!! So Judith and John LOVE San Diego, love SWEETS, love music, love the Lord, and love having FUN… So of course they chose to meet up in La Jolla at the FAB Bobboi Natural Gelato to start off their engagement session… Judith is currently attending PA school, and they live about an hour and half away from each other right now, so when they DO actually get to spend some together in between their crazy busy lives, they enjoy eating yummy gelato together and just chillin at their fav beach spot!!

Soooo… this is where it gets GOOD! Judith is the BEST baker I know…. this girl knows how to make a MEAN COOKIE – and for our session she made the TASTIEST “Earl Grey” engagement cookies you have ever tasted!!! Not only were they freaking BEAUTIFUL, but they seriously melted in your mouth! So…. being the SWEET girl she is, Judith made me the cutest bag of her homemade cookies, and wrapped them in an adorable bag with a VERY sweet note that I had to stop reading because I knew an UGLY CRY was coming… SO I stopped reading it… put them down on the blanket, and continued shooting them as they fed each other the most amazing treats ever!! And then it happened… We were surrounded… NO JOKE – we were literally surrounded by about 200 seagulls!!

They were determined to get those cookies, and they were NOT leaving until they did… So all of the sudden I see one very BRAVE NAUGHTY bird approaching, and before I can scream to Judith to watch out, the nasty little sucker grabbed my cookies and flew high in the sky!!! Really – All of the sudden all you see is 200 seagulls flying after this one NAUGHTY bird, trying to get MY BAG OF COOKIES!!!! And the best part?? My ADORABLE bride gets up and starts RUNNING down the beach after them, screaming to give the cookies back!!! OMG… I almost peed my pants laughing so hard … I know TMI – but it’s true – it was HILARIOUS!!! So… long story short… This couple is RAD, this day was RAD, and I am going to have my revenge on this NAUGHTY bird!!

Love you guys! xoxo





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