Ray and Esther

Engagement Session | Joshua Tree National Park



Check out the stunning Esther and Ray’s Joshua Tree Engagement from this last Monday!! So… Let me first start by saying THANK YOU to these beautiful humans… as not only did they think of everything by making this a little date night trip and renting the most beautiful air b&b for us to start our shoot in, but then they also gave me the YUMMIEST chocolate covered strawberries that Esther homemade herself ( which the hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed at the concert ) AND Esther picked out the most adorable PINK water canister for me which is perfect for all of the runs I have been doing lately!! You guys are seriously too sweet and I am so grateful for you!!

The day was PERFECT… the weather was amazing… It was only about 85 degrees, and for Joshua Tree in July – that is a straight up miracle! We started out at the beautiful home they chose first and then we headed off to the park to find the perfect spot to catch the gorgeous sunset! We found a beautiful trail on the way out to barker dam and all was good… We started on the trail and found some amazing HUGE boulders that I knew would have a killer view, so we all headed up and started climbing these gorgeous rocks. Now keep in mind, I am in converse, and my gorgeous Esther is in super high heels and a gown… Thank goodness Ray had an extra pair of sneakers in his car for Esther to wear while climbing the rocks…

Now I say this because these two were champs!! Dressed to the nines, hiking up crazy huge rocks in the desert… I was impressed!! Now comes the fun part… I see that we are starting to lose some light, so I let them know we should get down to the trees and street so we can catch the best light, and then it happens… I am jumping off one of the rocks and instead of landing on rock, I land on gravel and completely eat it!!! OMG… cuts in my right hand, banged my head on a huge rock, and I am bleeding… Yup!! Photography can be dangerous y’all!

Love you guys and cannot wait for our next adventure before the wedding!! xoxo


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