Michael and Trisha

Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding at Family Estate

Flores Family Home | Orange Hills CA



I am so excited to share the INSANELY beautiful and TOUCHING wedding of Michael Flores​ and Trisha Leuer Flores​!! I cannot begin to describe how amazing this wedding was… Yes, everything was stunning… the details, the flowers, the off the charts tasty cake, the insanely beautiful home of Michael’s family where they held the reception… AND the BEYOND FUN family and friends who literally danced the entire night away!

BUT, what was more beautiful was the story of these two BEAUTIFUL SOULS!! The story of how they met… the story of how they realized after they began dating that they actually grew up in the same city and went to school together 30 years earlier as children and Michael had a crush on Trisha and they didn’t even know each other… the story of how CRAZY in love they are with each other… the story of how God brought back together two souls who were meant to be… but needed time to go through life and learn His lessons first! The story of the way Michael gazes at Trisha in complete AWE and Trisha lights up each time Michael is within ten feet of her… The story of how LOVE WINS in the end. I could literally go on and on about why they are amazing, why they are completely perfect for each other, and ultimately why I love them… But, I am sure you would like to move on and see their gorgeous day through my eyes…

Michael and Trisha, I hope you love these images half as much as I LOVED taking them and I cannot tell you how blessed I felt to have been there to witness your new beginning as one… seriously!

Love you guys xoxo




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