Leena and Brittany

Love DEFINITELY Won for these Two Babes…

Gorgeous Double Bride Wedding at the Grand Tradition Estate | Fallbrook CA




Meet the ADORABLE Angelina and Brittany… two gorgeous babes who said I do this last month!! When I first met up with these cuties for their engagement session and heard their story I was simply obsessed!! I mean proposal in Paris… ummm yeah!! Leena KILLED it… And it was plain to see throughout that afternoon that these two had a very special bond… a love that would stand the test of time!! They are very different in so many ways…yet they complement each other perfectly. It’s literally like they make each other whole… I could see the love all over Leena’s face every time she would glance at Brittany that day… and then when I saw Brittany walking down the aisle to meet her future wife, I saw that same look of straight up “meant to be forever love” on Brittany’s face… It was so beautiful and pure. And that very same love was ALL OVER THE PLACE at their crazy FUN wedding as well!!

These girls and their tribe of friends and family know how to get down.. that’s for sure!! And my adorable, sweet couple kept the dance floor hopping all night long!! I literally had no idea these girls could move like that!! And on a sidetone… wait until you see the FAB favors they made for all of their guests!! So freaking unique… and perfect for their guests!~ These girls thought of everything… seriously! I know I probably sound like a broken record… but honestly I really do have the RADDEST couples…and they aren’t rad just because they love to have fun… or have amazing family and friend tribes… but they are RAD because they are just beautiful human beings. The kind of souls that just make you smile… the kind of people you just want to be around… SO thank you girls for choosing me… I am so freaking honored to have been with you on the first day of your new lives together and to witness your dream come true. The dream of marrying your one and only, best friend and lover for life!! Love you so much and cannot wait to see where your new life as Mrs. and Mrs. takes you!! Muahhhh xoxo

Chrissy xoxo



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