Brian and Kerianne

Gorgeous Heartfelt Wedding of Two “Meant to be” Souls…

 The Griffith House | Anaheim CA



Sneak Peek of the absolutely BEAUTIFUL and seriously TOUCHING wedding of my fabulous couple Brian and Kerianne. This couple… this family… this day… ALL PERFECTION! I  always ask my couples when we first meet to describe themselves and their relationship in only ONE word.. I always LOVE hearing what they say… and then after getting to know them I come up with my own word… HOME… this is the word that best describes these two gorgeous souls… They are each other’s home… literally… It’s like their souls found each other and realized “we are home”… I have found the one my soul desires! It is so utterly obvious when you see them together that they were meant to be… it’s like they perfectly balance each other in every way possible. A true yin and yang.. It’s rare… it’s beautiful… and it’s them… and it’s just one of the many reasons I adore them and I am so beyond stoked that they chose me to spend their wedding day with! .

You guys… this wedding was OFF THE CHARTS amazing.Crazy FUN, Crazy TOUCHING ( Kevin’s speech literally KILLED me, AND Samantha, AND Viet – we were all ugly crying) and CRAZY perfect in every way… You two are the real deal my friends and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you… I am HOPING it includes LOTS of babies… because honestly… the world needs more RAD people… No pressure though babes ?

Chrissy xoxo


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