Shaun and Rebecca

Engagement Session

Arts District | Downtown Santa Ana CA



Soulmates… this was the ONE word that sweet Shaun used when he first contacted me about their wedding and told me the BEAUTIFUL story of how he and his gorgeous future wife came to be! And after spending yesterday afternoon with these two amazing humans, I now see why… You know how you see those couples that just click? Like they literally just get each other… they compliment one another in every way possible, and somehow you just know that you will see them just as loving, just as snuggly, and just as in love fifty years from now when you see them walking down the street hand in hand… Well this is THAT couple!

Rebecca and Shaun went to the same high school and even hung out in the same crowd of friends for many years, but it wasn’t until they re-connected after college that the fireworks began! And let me tell you my friends… these two have chemistry like no other… and it’s love like this that makes me ADORE what I’m so blessed to do… document loves stories! I believe that these beautiful souls will be sharing these pictures with their great grandchildren 50 years from now, telling them the same fabulous love story Shaun first told me… and I’m so stoked that I get to play some small role in capturing this not only for them, but for the generations that they will help create! You guys are freaking GOALS… your love story is RAD, and I cannot wait to be there to ugly cry alongside Shaun at your wedding!

Love you! xoox



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