Peter and Audrey

Gorgeous, Laid Back Wedding in Paradise

Crystal Cove State Beach | Newport Beach CA



Meet Peter and Audrey…two seriously gorgeous souls who promised to be ONE for eternity in what HAS to be the most beautiful, heartfelt, and just plain amazing ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure to witness!! Honestly, I have never seen something like it!! The energy, the love, the crazy spiritual vibe…It was so perfect in capturing the true essence of who Peter and Audrey are and what they are all about!! And that is LOVE… They chose to tie the knot at one of the most stunning beaches you’ll ever see… Crystal Cove State Beach in Newport. Audrey’s family has strong ties to this gorgeous paradise and has been coming here since her own father was a small boy, so it definitely had sentimental value to both the couple AND their families. A fun little fact – the actual cottage they were married in was the exact cottage used for the film “Beaches” and the entire interior of the cottage is a museum with all of the original furnishings and decor from the film!

The ceremony was literally perfect! Overlooking the crystal blue water, toes in the sand, with the most beautiful florals adorning the aisles… During the vows all of their guests were requested to stand and hold hands together and call out their best advice and wisdom for the couple!! Let’s just say the officiant was RAD and just showered the couple AND their fabulous tribe with the best energy I have ever seen! It was FABULOUS!!! And to make this already PERFECT wedding even sweeter… The guests were treated to super yummy appetizers, an open bar, and the tastiest Taci Bar ever, provided baby the FAB Beachcomber Cafe! Laid Back – Fun – and REAL!! Everything I love most! These sweet souls are SO loved by their beautiful tribe and I just know that their love will be an example of what lifelong commitment looks like… You guys are MAGIC… and I am just so beyond happy I was there to capture your love story!! But I think you may have ruined me lol… I want to shoot EVERY wedding barefoot in the sand overlooking the ocean watching the sun set!! xoxo



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