Cory and Karen

Engagement Session | Downtown Fullerton



Super Sneak Peak of my crazy RAD couple Cory and Karen!! So can we first just talk about the obvious for a moment?!?! Are these two smoking HOT or what?! OMG… I can’t even tell you how beautiful these two humans are together!! Cory and Karen are celebrating their three year anniversary and chose to spend it with me in downtown Fullerton where it all began for their engagement session! They have the most ADORABLE love story that all started in a bar downtown, so we knew this would be the perfect place to start! ⠀

First we met up at Bootleggers, a killer brewery that Cory currently manages, to grab a beer and get in some “family” shots with their precious rescue doggy “Brewski”… Are you seeing a theme here? Have you ever heard a cuter name?! And from there we trekked around town… getting our cardio in, and ultimately ending up back at Bootleggers for a quick outfit change and to grab Cory’s bike! The moment I saw it I can’t lie… I was obsessed! I mean come on… what is RADDER than seeing your couple on a motorcycle?! And as the sun finally set we grabbed a few more shots in and called it night! It was time for these two lovers to get off to dinner to celebrate! ⠀

I will say it again and again… I really DO have the BEST couples!! From Karen’s and my first conversation I just knew that she was my kinda girl and we would be fast friends, and after spending tonight with them I have a feeling they may be stuck with me for a while… Like maybe forever!! Cory and Karen… you guys are simply FAB and I am so freaking excited for your wedding next year!! love you guys xoxoxo

And P.S…. my hubby LOVES the beer!! And says THANK YOU!!! ❤️

Chrissy xoxo


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