Bill and Meghan

Engagement Session

Crystal Cove State Beach | Newport Beach CA



Meet the super sweet, freaking hilarious, madly in love ( tequila drinking ? ) Bill and Meghan…

Two truly amazing humans that I’m so beyond stoked to have met, and who are a TRUE testament to what relationships are all about…. or SHOULD BE ❤️These beautiful souls have been through more in the first few years of their relationship than most marriages will ever encounter, and rather than giving up, or letting life’s ups and downs tear them apart, they rallied together, supported each other with every ounce of their beings, and fell more in love with each other every step of the way. They did what many cannot and pushed through some very heart wrenching times where there was so much uncertainty, and persevered TOGETHER as one…

One heart, one soul, and one love. And now they will be making it official by tying the knot in less than 2 months and I cannot tell you how honored I am that I get to be there not only to capture it, but more importantly to witness it…. with their off the charts ADORABLE baby girl – who I plan on snuggling with as much as they’ll let me ❤️

You guys… You are RAD… end of story! And I am SO excited for your happily ever after!

Chrissy xoxo


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