Alvin and Angela

Engagement Session

Balboa Fun Zone | Newport Beach CA



Take a peek at this OFF THE CHARTS, crazy FUN engagement session with Angela and Alvin… Seriously y’all – I cannot remember the last time that I have smiled THAT MUCH! No joke – my jaw HURT later that night from the insane amount of laughing AND screaming I did while hanging with these two little love birds last night down in Newport Beach! We decided to start off at the Balboa Fun Zone, a place I adore and have so many FAB childhood memories of… and after literally almost peeing my pants from laughing so hard, I was taken back to carefree days and these adorable souls made me feel like a kid again… It was magic I tell you! It is literally impossible to be around these cuties and not just want to SMILE! They are “that” couple… The couple that you look at and think to yourself ” now that is love – give me some of that please!” ⠀

So after some fooling around at the Fun Zone we headed over to the beach and then some real fun began!! Let’s just say that while Alvin was headed to the car to get a blanket, Angela and I remained under the pier to get some ring shots, and it was then that we almost died from the killer wave of all killer waves!! And YES, we SCREAMED like little girls… Little, very loud girls that were getting ready to be washed away by the tsunami of a wave that completely caught us by surprise! I can’t lie, it was RAD!! And apparently the surfers standing a few feet away that it was pretty damn funny too!! ⠀

Angela and Alvin… I freaking LOVE you and cannot tell you how much I loved hanging with y’all!! But somehow, I think you already know this… so I hope you adore your images half as much as I adored snapping them!!!.. Muahhh!

Chrissy xoxo


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