Alex and Gretchen

Costume Party of the Quadrennium

Alex and Gretchen’s EPIC Wedding in the LBC…



With all of the CRAZY CHAOS and pure SADNESS going around right now, I thought it was the perfect time to focus on what is TRULY important in life…

INSANE | GOOFY | EVERLASTING | UNFILTERED | LOVE!! Meet the FABULOUS Gretchen and Alexander… two seriously amazing humans who definitely know what’s up when it comes to FUN!! Let’s just say these crazy lovebirds give the term FUN | LAID BACK | & REAL a whole new meaning… and I cannot tell you how stoked I was to be a part of what has to be one of the most unique, memorable, and flat out EPIC weddings of my career thus far… ⠀⠀
Every last detail completely reflected who they are as a couple… and what they value in life… I am not sure I have ever met two more fun loving, live life to the fullest, live in the moment souls … and I think that this mentality is needed more than ever in today’s troubling times!! I mean come on y’all, when is the last time you’ve been seen a couple do the floss after saying I do? Or walk down the aisle to Salt and Pepa’s ” What a man”? So I hope as you scroll through this larger than usual sneak peek of their FAB day that you see and feel what I did as I was editing them… LOVE.. LAUGHTER… and LIFE! Alex and Gretchen I seriously ADORE you both… AND your freaking fab families and friends… and I just cannot tell you how many smiles you brought to me today as I was preparing this post, and how much I love and appreciate you for that!! The way you live your life, PRE and POST Virus… are a true testament to what life REALLY is about!! You guys are COUPLE GOALS my friends!!

Chrissy xoxo





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