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The blonde behind the lense... and Here's the deal!

I love LOVE... and I love PEOPLE... and when you book me you're NOT just getting a photographer, you're getting a friend! I know.. I know.. cheesy, right?! But seriously... I am 100% serious AND dedicated to do everything in my power to make sure that your photo session is FAB and that you are one happy little camper! My families  are NOT clients... they are friends! Always...

And let me just tell you...I get it!
Just the idea of portrait sessions can bring on that dreaded feeling of... "Will they turn out good? Will my kids cooperate? What will we wear? etc.... etc..." But here is the reality: These moments are fleeting... and before you know it they will be gone! Like POOF... never to be seen again! And the last thing you want to do is put it off any longer due to the "fear" of "what if's!!" What if I just wait to lose that last 10 lbs? What if it's better to wait until the kids are bit older and will behave better? What if I wait until next year when we can afford it? 

How about NO MORE WHAT IFS! 
The truth is, the time is now!The truth is that you DESERVE to document this amazing time in your family's journey! The truth is that it doesn't have to be perfect and that life's most precious moments are NOT perfect... They are raw, they are real, and they are now... Right now in this very moment! 

I'm Chrissy!

hey there


It's ALL about the experience... Yes, beautiful images are KEY and a definite must when you're making that all important decision on who to hire to document your family milestones,  however equally important is the way you FEEL during your session! This is where I come in! 

My job is simple... to make you HAPPY!! I want you and your family to be laughing, smiling, and so comfortable with me that you literally forget the fact that I am there as your photographer! At the end of the day, my families are my FRIENDS... not my clients, and there is nothing better than knowing your friend has your back and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your session is magic! 

Your images AND your memories are completely dependent on how comfortable you are with your photographer! So, hiring a photographer who not only has the style of photography you adore,  but also a fun, outgoing attitude is so important ... and that's exactly what you get with me. I am there to put your minds at ease and allow ME to make sure to get those real, open mouth, genuine smiles and giggles... Ultimately, I want you to see your family the way I do... through my lense. The RAD, fun, perfectly "imperfect' family that you are!

Afterall, that is real life... That is what you WANT to remember! These are the images you will cherish 50 years from now! I promise...!

Let's have Some fun!



"Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory."

- Dr. Suess

Q: So, What's Next?
A: Let me show you...!

 Determine your preferred date | Choose Your Location | Choose your Package | Contact me with the details | Send in your deposit to secure your session

Choose Your Location | Home Studio or On Location

First - Let's start with the date! 


*** Travel fees may apply to locations outside of 30 miles from San Clemente CA 
*** Sales Tax will be charged on any printed physical products that are purchased  ALA CARTE
*** Custom payment plans are available - Please inquire 

Most of my Saturdays are filled with weddings, so if you are looking for a weekend session, your best bet will be to look for a Sunday.  

- Includes a 60-90 Minute Session either on location within 30 miles of San Clemente,  or in the Studio
- 50  Fully Edited High Resolution Images ready for download with a full print release
- Online Image Gallery Available for 90 days
- Two 8 x 10 Fine Art Museum Grade , Matted Prints ready to be framed
- 16 x 20 choice of either a custom High End Framed Canvas, Floating Frame, or High Definition Metal Print
- Custom 8 x8 Linen Flush Mount Artisan Album with up to 30 pages and up to 60 photos

- Includes a 60-90 Minute Session either on location within 30 miles of San Clemente, or in the Studio
- 30 Fully Edited High Resolution Images ready for download with a full print release
- Online Image Gallery Available for 90 days
- One  8 x 10 Fine Art  Museum Grade, Matted Prints ready to be framed
- One 6 x 6 Linen Flush Mount  Artisan Album with up to 20 pages and 30 photos

Please Note that all locations chosen to be outside of 30 miles from San Clemente will be charged a travel fee of $75.00 - up to a Maximum of 100 Miles Away


 Note: Any TOTAL Purchase greater than $1500.00 will receive ALL of their digital images for FREE download - Typical Gallery Consists of 75-100 Images - Any ALA CARTE Purchases made in addition to your package will also receive 20% OFF!

- Includes a 60-90 Minute Session either on location within 30 miles of San Clemente, or in the Studio
- 20 Fully Edited High Resolution Images ready for download with a full print release
- Online Image Gallery Available for 90 days

Choose Your Package

There are SO many gorgeous locations all throughout Southern California to choose from and I am more than happy to help you choose the perfect one! After you have sent in your details, I will give you a call and we can discuss the "Vibe" you are looking for, and from there we will nail down the perfect spot! All ON LOCATION sessions will be scheduled approximately 2 hours before sunset to insure we get that magical "golden light!". 

- Beginning in July of 2022,  I will also be offering all of the above sessions in my FAB new HOME STUDIO, located in San Clemente. This space will have a Mid Century Modern "Boho" vibe, and will be the perfect spot for gorgeous maternity, boudoir, and/or  newborn sessions. My home is located within minutes of the beach, so you can also have the option of starting in the home studio for some indoor images, and then moving to the beach for some outdoor shots as well! 

Ala Carte Menu

Contact me and Pay Deposit

                         Fine Art  Matted Prints

8 x 10 ( 5 x7 inside )                                - $75.00
12 x 12 ( 8 x 8 inside )                           - $ 95.00
11 x 14 ( 8 x 10 inside )                      -  $125.00

                              Digital Images

Each Additional Image                           - $25.00

ALL Digital Images from your session Roughly 75-100                                     $1500.00

 Custom Artisan Flush Mount Albums

Linen  with 30 Pages

6 x 6  Album                                              - $275.00
8 x 8 Album                                               - $475.00
10 x 10 Album                                         - $695.00
12 x 12 Album                                         - $995.00
11 x 14 Album                                      - $1195.00
Genuine Leather  with 30 Pages
6 x 6 Album                                               - $300.00
8 x 8 Album                                               - $500.00
10 x 10 Album                                         - $725.00
12 x 12 Album                                      - $1025.00
11 x 14 Album                                      - $1225.00

                     High End Framed Canvas, 
            Floating Frame  & High Def Metal Prints

8 x 10                                                                                           - $125.00
10 x 14                                                                                        - $195.00
11 x 14                                                                                        - $195.00
12 x 12                                                                                       - $225.00 
12 x 36                                                                                        - $395.00
16 x 16                                                                                        - $325.00
16 x 20                                                                                        - $375.00
20 x 20                                                                                        - $425.00
20 x 30                                                                                        - $475.00
24 x 24                                                                                        - $525.00
24 x 36                                                                                       - $525.00                                      



You can now scroll to the bottom of this page and use the contact button to let me know your preferred date and location, along with the package you have chosen. Within 24 hours I will get back with you and we can either set up a call, or we can can communicate through email to set up your session! I require a $250 Non-Refundable Retainer in order to secure your date - payable through Venmo or PayPal , and once this has been received, you will receive a confirmation appointment reminder with tips on what to do in preparing for your session! Your remaining balance will be due on or before the day of your session. Should something come up and you find that you need to re-schedule, you may do so at NO charge for the first time. If you need to reschedule a 2nd time, a $75.00 fee will be applied to your package. 



Yep, It's That


We can start as early as sunrise, or as late as sunset... the choice is yours! 

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Collection Two

Collection Three




Over $1250 in SAVINGS

Over $750 in SAVINGS

Most Popular

ALL Packages above are good for family, engagement, anniversary, senior, Boudoir, maternity, and newborn sessions 

Have Questions? Get Answers.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked

Q: What happens if something comes up and we need to Re-Schedule?

A:   Emergencies happen... so I fully understand. I have a husband and family myself, so I get it! If you need to re-schedule, you are allotted one re-schedule at no charge. If a second re-schedule is necessary a $75.00 fee will be charged, as I have blocked off my schedule for your appointment, and potentially turned away another client for your time slot. 

Q: Can you help me with outfit selections? 

A:  ABSOLUTELY! I am completely dedicated to making sure you feel fabulous for your session, so I am definitely open to helping you decide on outfits once we have spoken about "vibe" of your session and the location. Once we chat I will have a much better idea of what to suggest for you and/or your family to wear to your session! Well coordinated and properly chosen outfits can make all the difference in your images! If you choose to have your session done in the studio, you will have FULL ACCESS to my client closet that is filled with Gorgeous Gowns for my  female clients. They are gorgeous and photograph beautifully!! 

Q: How will I receive my final gallery of images?

A:  Within 3 weeks you  will receive an email letting you know they are ready that will include a link to your personal, password protected, online gallery – where you can download single images one at a time, or the entire gallery to your laptop/desktop.

Q: How many images will I receive?

A: Your final gallery will have roughly 75-100 Fully Edited High Resolution Images , of which you will choose the number of images associated with your package.  Please look at the package you wish to purchase to see the number of images included. 

Q: Do I have to purchase prints and/or products through you?

A:  No..no.. no.. – You will have a Full Print Release that allows you to print all of your images wherever you choose! Now… I will ask you to PLEASE not print your huge megabyte, high resolution images at a low grade lab, such as CVS, Target, etc… You paid good money to capture these images and the worst thing you can do is to have them printed at a lab that does not utilize the newest and greatest technology available! A professional lab should always be your first choice for printing your images. Now because I want to make sure my lovely work of you looks its very best when you print it, I have given you access to my own profession lab – through the online gallery of images that is emailed out to you. This lab is best for ordering prints, etc... If you are looking to order an album or wall art, let me know, as I use a separate lab to fulfill these orders! 

Q: Do you offer any albums, prints, wall art, etc?

A: Absolutely! I work with two different Professional Labs. One you will find in your online gallery - which I recommend using for prints, gift items, cards, etc... The other Lab I use is more focused on Albums and Wall Art.  Samples can be viewed upon request!

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: YES I do! I completely understand that you are making an investment in beautiful memories, so I want to make it as flexible and attainable as humanly possible. Any purchase ABOVE $695.00 can be broken up into multiple payments. You have anywhere from 2-6 months to pay your remaining balance.  Your final Gallery and any physical products will be delivered to you once your final payment is made. 

Q: Why don't you just sell ALL digital images, like many other photographers do? 

A: Ok, so here's the deal... the reality is that we have become a DIGITAL world... and the art of preserving our memories is sadly one of the past. It has been shown that well over 90% of clients will NEVER actually print and/or display one single image from their session. This is simply sad. I don't know about you, but one of my all time favorite things to do is to go through my mom's old family albums and remind myself of the past... To see myself and my loved ones from years ago. There is just something about seeing those images in person, and not on a computer screen, that brings me a sense of joy. I understand... we are a modern society, and posting our images on Facebook and Instagram are the way of the future... but trust me when I tell you it's not the same as when you walk into your home, and see your beautiful images on your wall... It's not the same as watching your children snuggled on the couch, flipping through the pages of years past. It is simply different. And I also know that we all have the BEST intentions of printing them. Of proudly displaying them for everyone to see. For us to see. But again, the chances of this happening are far less than 10%. So, I have decided that I will insure that your hard earned money for this session receives the joy and happiness it deserves... and I have decided that every package, will at the very least, receive one or more printed, physical products. 

And let's just be honest... I am sure you know by now that the digital world is NOT without problems! Hard drives fail, lap tops die... And the last thing you want to do is lose precious memories you worked so hard to achieve!

Q: How do I book a session with you?

A: I Love that question the most! To book me for your session simply let me know: 1)  Your preferred date and location if you know it , 2) Your Full Legal Name for the contract, 3) What package you are interested in and if you are looking to do a payment plan.  Once I have this info I can send you an online contract to digitally sign and then once you have paid your $250 retainer through Venmo or Paypal you will officially be on my calendar!!

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All Portrait  packages come with:

- 60-90 Minutes of shooting time

- Advice with wardrobe selection and full access to my designer client closet if choosing a studio session

- Location recommendations and/or use of my studio

- A gorgeous online password protected image gallery

- 75+ hand-edited high resolution images for you to choose from when picking your images and  to share with family and friends

 - Delivered within 3 weeks

- With a full print release. 

What You Get ( Recap):

No problem...  I got you!

Have More Questions?

This has been meant to give you an easy way to learn more about what I offer, to get to know me a little better, and to help give you an insight as to the experience you will receive when working with me. But as always, I am here to answer any questions for you at any time. Just send me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thank you so much!

- Chrissy xo

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